» piercingthedicks asked:

Aah thanks a bunch c: <3

no problem dear ❤️

» snailmailmonster asked:

Just discovered your blog. Totally in love with it! :)

thank you ^.^

» stuckin-purgatory asked:

I saw your post about the giveaway & fell in love & then I started falling in love with your blog. Love it!! (:

thank you ma’am! so glad you are pleased ^.^ this giveaway has been exciting and im so looking forward to ones I will do in the future. ill be honest, originally the giveaway was mainly for followers, which ive gotten plenty over the last 2 weeks, but now its become something that is fun and gets other people excited. i am looking forward to picking a winner and making somebody’s day ^.^ ❤️

» clearlyvonnegut asked:

You are ridiculously beautiful. Could I possibly paint you for an art show I have coming up?

wow i would be totally honored! *blushblushblush* thats so kind of you ❤️ will you show me the finished product please?
id love to make something for you :3 i can get some more dreamcatcher supplies or i could make you a healing salve!
this seriously made my entire day btw :) thank you so much

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july 5th, 2013