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july 5th, 2013

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murrderousheart replied to your post: “I wish I had your confidence -_-”:

You’re beautiful.

so are you, and you absolutely deserve to know that you are!! ❤️

Hi! I used your referral code on Feature Points, and by the way I love your blog! Greetings from Italy!

thank you much ^.^ followed!!!

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Thank you so much for following me!

very welcome ✌️

What's something that makes you feel alive?

travel! and psychedelics 🍄

Thank you so much for the promotion :3 you're blog is fantastic and you are very sweet. Much love to you ♥ namaste

thank you very much :D

Thank you so much for the follow! You're like my all time favorite blog so it means the world that you found mine interesting as well :'3 have a lovely day!

haha youre very welcome :) you have a fantastic blog!!

Your beautiful

oh thank you :3

I wish I had your confidence -_-

well to be honest, it is a CONSTANT battle. ive always been self conscious with low self esteem. however things that have helped me that may help you too are:

first and foremost not discussing your weight or size with anyone. by not verbally acknowledging it, its almost out of sight out of mind. surround yourself with body positive people. people who are negative towards any kind of body image may trigger a negative thought about yourself. and one of the most important things is spending ALOT of time naked in the privacy of your home. if im at home, im naked and it really helped me get used to looking at myself naked and feeling comfortable in my skin.

just some thoughts for you and hopefully they help you some way :) keep striving for happiness and freedom!!

hey uhhh im sorry to ask but can you delete the image of a skull in a warbonnet?? as a native it's really offensive to use those images lightly, its comparable to getting the purple heart badge or a medal of honor, and if it's disrespectful to military folk to not have had blood sweat and tears protecting your people and still wear those badges it's very disrespectful to wear a warbonnet in the same context. i know it wasnt you who posted it but it tends to feed into the "aesthetic" of it :/

i’ll delete it, no problem :) but i also have to say:

in all honesty i dont support military, but dont apologize for having feelings; i apologize to you for my ignorance there. i understand where youre coming from and appreciate your kind and calm approach rather than the usual accusatory approach most people make regarding these things.

thank you for being civil!

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